Sun, Jan 8, 2017 - 29K - 03:45:00
29K Wintry Run Through the Grunewald
Had to take my daughter to a birthday party this afternoon, so donned my running clothes and we took off in a Car2Go out to Zehlendorf, where I dropped her off, parked the car, and then took off running up and around the far west end of Schlachtensee and then along Havelchausee which runs up along the west side of the Grunewald, a stretch that afforded me some wintry views of Wannsee, finally got to Heerstraße and headed east back toward the city. As dusk turned to night, I cut down south, but as I neared the Südwestkorso, I got a call from my wife saying that I had to pick up my daughter in 45 minutes in Zehlendorf. Not having time to run home, I immediately located a Car2Go with my smart phone, ran to it in 5 minutes, drove it home in 10 minutes, showered, jumped back in the Car2Go and drove off to Zehlendorf to pick up my daughter. Fun! A nice winter run today, and some good mileage covered. Eighty days till the Berlin Half Marathon.