Mon, Mar 30, 2020 - 7K - 00:49:24
13th Morning Run with Hannah, Third 7K (47:34)
Hannah wanted to continue her long runs again this week instead of the track sprints so we did our 7K loop to Königsberger Str. and around to Lankwitz again. Since day-light savings time change was on Sunday, we realized when we walked out the door that we were starting our run in the dark again. I had to turn on my smart phone lamp again from Birckbuschstr. till right before Königsberger Str. but for that, we saw some beautiful pastel morning skylines throughout the run.  
Since we get up so early, I always lie down again after our run. It's a wonderful feeling to have run 7K before 7:00, your body sizzling as you get another 30 minutes sleep. Morning runs are definitely one of life's secret pleasures.