Thu, Dec 20, 2018 - 42K - 06:00:00
42K Land-And-Water Mega Run Via Wannsee, Alt-Kladow, and Spandau
Since I have vacation Wednesday-Friday this week, yesterday was errand day, and today was mega run day: 6:30 - 13:30 out to Wannsee, a ferry ride from Wannsee to Alt-Kladow, then continued on a beautiful trail run up along the Havel through Gatow toward Spandau, east over to the city and down through Schmargendorf and Dahlem back home, total = 42 kilometers, a personal adventure marathon.  
The idea came to me last night to include a ferry in my run, so I looked up on the BVG site how to get from Wannsee to Spandau and sure enough it included a ferry (the F10) which runs every hour on the hour from 6:00 to 18:00, so I left with Gisi at about 6:45 and was at Wansee at 8:50, right after which the ferry pulled up to the dock, about twelve people got out, an older man and I along with a woman with a bike got in, and at 9:00 we began a very quiet and peaceful 20 minutes of motoring across the Wannsee over to Alt-Kladow.  
Upon getting off the boat and back out into the cooler air, I was ready to get running again to warm up, so I turned right and ran down a straight tree-lined road called Imchenallee, which leads to about a 5-kilometer path all the way up to Gatow where it then throws you back out onto the Alt-Gatow main road with cars up toward Spandau. But the five kilometer trail is a very nice run affording beautiful views of the Havel and the Grunewald in the background.  
At Heerstr. I cut up through Südpark, a nice, little park in Wilhelmstadt with a small lake, then up to Charlottenburger and Spandauer Chaussee which brought me back into the city, after crossing the Autobahn, I took an immediate right down Sophie-Charlotten-Straße through Lietzenseepark, crossed back over the Autobahn again on Paulsborner Straße then broke off south through always-architecturally-interesting Schmargendorf and down through Dahlem back home.  
My legs were rightfully hammered at the end but not excessively so, and the next morning I was able jog a half-kilometer to pick up a car-sharing car, so I feel good about my basic stamina for the Seville Marathon now 58 days away.