Fri, Apr 15, 2022 - 15K - 02:00:00
15K Lichterfelde-Kanal Run with Gisi
It was a grey Good Friday, cool and a bit drizzly but Gisi and I got out the door around 15:00 and took a shortcut to get onto my half-marathon Lichterfelde-Teltow loop, ran down Dillgesstraße and cut through the Schrebergarten down to our diagnal path through where the park run trail starts, saw and talked to Frau Jakob and Asmus down in the cool housing area around Lichterfelde Ring, then showed Gisi up the hill to the Lichterfelde Trümmerberg and then out of Berlin onto the former wall trail. The cherry blossoms were not out yet but still a nice run through trees all the way to the canal, then I stayed mostly down on the canal trail while Gisi ran the busier walking path all the way 15K home.