Sat, Mar 17, 2012 - 30K - 04:00:00
30K Steglitz/Brandenburg Spring Run
The weather report had been promising spring all week and this weekend it arrived! The first run since October in shorts and t-shirt. I ran straight down through Lankwitz, the shortest route out of Berlin and into the empty vastness of Brandenburg, got some good pictures of "the island of Berlin" out there. After coming back into Berlin, crossed the border twice within the city. Listened to a good Dan Carlin podcast talking about how the media's coverage of the presidential primaries as if its a horse race, concentrating on strategy and voting precincts, instead of asking pointed questions such as "what will you do in your presidency to make sure the war on terror will not go on theoretically forever? Always refreshing to listen to Carlin's non-partisan, rational ideas about the state of affairs in U.S. politics. 
I rounded off the 20K loop at home to pick up Gisi for another 10K round of running, we ran pretty strong together despite the unaccustomed heat, running on our regular canal 10K route. At about 5K I ran ahead to get some water at a gas station for us then spent quite a bit of time trying to speed up from 28K - 29K to give Gisela the water bottle, fun running and nice weather, finally! 
out into Brandenburg: 
Berlin Village: 
Osdorf, since 1369 
the remains of Doughboy City, a fake village built by the American forces for combat practice until 1989: 
former no-man's land, now rows of Japanese cherry trees: 
former chunks of the Berlin wall: 
"As wild pigs can cause considerable damage, we ask you please keep the gates closed." 
used to live here back in 1994: 
I hope no vegetarians live across the street: 
through the Stadtpark, almost home to pick up Gisi: 
the running duo: 
ran ahead to get us some water at the gas station: 
good training between my 28K and 29K trying to catch up to Gisi to give her the water: 
good to be finished on this first warm running day of the year: