Thu, Mar 8, 2018 - 24K - 03:00:00
24K Through Berlin with Timed Tiergarten 5K (24:30)
Had to take my daughter and her friend to a birthday party in Westend, so donned my running clothes, dropped them off at 16:00, parked the DriveNow car and began a 10-kilometer trek across Berlin via Moabit to the Brandenburg Gate where I started my 5K timed Tiergarten run.  
I felt good at the beginning of the 5K, and while my lungs performed well throughout, my legs lost power after three kilometers.  
I hit the Ben-Gurion-Straße turn-around point at 17:00 but picked up some time on the last stretch to finish with a 24:30, not bad for having done a 10K warm-up I guess.  
To run a 4:00:00 marathon, you have to run eight 5Ks at a 28:26 pace, which is a 5:41 kilometer pace, the golden numbers to keep in mind. Nantes Marathon in 42 days.