Sun, Jun 12, 2022 - 21K - 02:19:19
Potsdam Schlösserlauf Half Marathon (02:19:19)
I mainly ran this half marathon in order to get 21 kilometers on my score for the DCI May-June running challenge. I googled something two weeks ago about Potsdam and found this run which fit into my schedule so I signed up. It turned out Thorsten was running it as well, so an occasion for our annual meetup. The weather was cooler than the other two years I ran it, but I spent the day before on Saturday in Mauer Park with work colleagues at a company BBQ drinking beer all day in the sun, which at 5K of the half marathon I realized is probably not the best way to spend the preday of a half marathon race if you are interested in pushing your limits. I kept a decent pace though and mastered the post-10K hills well enough. Nice to run through Potsdam again, lots of memories.