Sun, Nov 15, 2020 - 10K - 00:54:10
10K Urban-Race Preparation-Scout-Run from Teltow Back Home
For our December monthly run, Hannah and I are planning an urban race where at the same time, Hannah starts 10K away from home and I start 11.8K away from home (based on our most recent 5K times: 24:01/28:13), and we will see who can arrive home first.  
For Hannah, I figured out a route from Teltow S-Bahnhof, through Teltow and then along the Teltow canal all the way back home which is exactly 10K. I'll start somewhere in Neukölln and run home from there, which I'll scout out in the coming weeks. But today, I took off to Teltow to see how realistic Hannah's 10K route is.  
As it turned out, I only had to stop at one stop light in Teltow, and was able to cross the street twice when there was no traffic. Unfortunately about 200 meters before the finish line there is a street light that I had to wait for, but that's the safest place to cross, so we'll keep that version of the route. We will both have our watches which we can stop and start every time we have to stop at a stop light or any other urban hindrance along the way to get an accurate time. 
The route is quite meditative, especially after the 2K through the streets of Teltow, you are on a running path for 8K all the way home, straight as an arrow. And it is quite flat so good for a personal best. I was only able to get a 54:10, but for not running much lately, not bad.  
Next week for November's run, Hannah and I will do this route together as a pre-run so she knows it for our urban race in December.