Fri, Jul 8, 2022 - 11K - 00:27:58
11K with 5K IKEA Timed Run (27:58)
Hadn't run or done any workouts since the DCI Company Run so was glad Shinhee said she wanted to do a 5K together. We met at the IKEA starting line. I was concerned that there was so much traffic and realized that I usually run later in the day or in the morning before work when there is not much traffic, probably a good tip for this route.  
I had a strong run until 1K but then it became clear that Shinhee is in better shape than I am, her comment at 2K after she looked at her watch said it all: "Edward, we are running very slow." But since she didn't know the route yet, we had to run together the first time.  
A good idea for people who want to run together but aren't the same speed is to have the slower person run off on a calculated head start which would optimally make them finish together, which leads to fun competition. Maybe we'll do that next time.