Sun, Sep 25, 2022 - 36K - 04:45:46
36K Buch to Steglitz including 7K Berlin Marathon infiltration
My 36K training run for the Bilbao Marathon coincided with the Berlin Marathon, so I planned a route from Buch to Steglitz in which I entered the Berlin Marathon at 12K and ran with the runners until 19K. I knew two people running, Thorsten and Pieter, but of course didn't see either of them in the mass of runners, but enjoyed the vibes of runners doing crazy amounts of kilometers through Berlin instead of being pretty much the only one. The route from Buch to the marathon was extremely green, found a nice multi-kilometer Schrebergarten route through Blankenburg. It was a bit tough after 32K or so, but finished with decent stamina at 36K, a nice sign.