Sat, Jan 4, 2020 - 4K - 00:50:00
4K First Track Training Run with Hannah
Hannah had the New Year's idea to start doing track work once a week as part of our fitness training, so she scoped out some local track-and-field areas and found that Sochos Sportplatz here in Steglitz is open on Saturday mornings at 8:00, so we took off early this morning, a nice 1K warm-up run by the time we got to the track. 
She had installed a simple app called Interval Timer on both of our smart phones which has a sprint interval for 30 seconds then a rest for 90 seconds, and that 8 times. We both clicked the Go button and took off.  
Concerned about my hamstring pull a few weeks ago, I ran the sprints a little slower than she did for the first four, then stayed with her for the second four and felt no pain at all, a good sign.  
It was a rather short workout, but a great way to wake up on a Saturday winter morning. On the way back we picked up some Brötchens at the bakery on Steglitzerdamm, then had a good warm-down run home.