Thu, Feb 20, 2020 - 33K - 04:20:00
33K After-Work Run Home Via Pankow
Looking to top my 25K after-work run home last week, I decided to run an even larger arch up through the north of Berlin, so took off from work around 17:30 running straight east to Weißensee Weg, then up north to Pankow continuing on through Wedding which took me all the way to the top of Charlottenburg where I then descended back down into the city coming out a Schloss Charlottenburg itself.  
Although around 20:30 at this time, it was a nice, almost warm night with no rain and so pleasant, peaceful running down through the winding streets around Lietzensee while listening to my BBC Melvyn Bragg podcast on The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which made me lose my direction twice. I finally got out of the urban labyrinth there, and found my way over Kudamm. My podcast now over, I switched to mindless Jason Jollins and powered away the last eight kilometers home straight south.  
During the last 10K, my legs definitely reported soreness, but I felt a new level of endurance, apparently these longer runs I've been doing since the end of January (22K, 23K, 37K, 25K) are building up some base muscle which I hope will enable me to keep a 30-minute 5K pace as long as I can in the marathon in April. If you keep that pace the full distance, you get a 04:13:00 which would be a dream time for me, but I would be very happy to get another 04:30:00 like last year in Seville. In any case, I still have six weeks to go, plenty of time for some more of these 25K-35K training runs.