Sat, May 30, 2020 - 21K - 02:20:00
3x IKEA 5K Speed Runs (24:47, 25:53, 28:28), 1x with Hannah (28:38)
Hannah and I were both psyched to improve our times today in our 3x-5K / 1x-5K training run in which she joins me for my third 5K.  
I took off right on time at 19:30, ran my first 1K at 20:00 which was actually much slower at the beginning, but around 2K I felt a solid energy and ultimately improved last week's time by 24 seconds, getting under 25 minutes again.  
My second 5K was also much faster, down from 27:25 to 25:53, very nice. Hannah was waiting for me when I ran through the finish line. It was actually a bit cool, so we walked quickly to the starting line and took off.  
Unlike the previous third runs with Hannah running fresh, this time I stayed no more than 20 meters behind her at the beginning, then began to close the gap until I caught her before 1K going up the Südkreuz ramp.  
When I had run the length of Priesterweg and turned left under the tunnel, I glanced back and saw Hannah was not far behind me. I tried to push as hard as I could, but she stayed right behind me. I ended up finishing 10 seconds ahead of her, each of us beating our last week's times, me by 7 seconds, Hannah by 5 seconds.  
We called it a successful run, enjoyed our drinks that Hannah had transported on her bike, then took off home, Hannah on her bike and me running a couple meters behind her.