Sat, Apr 11, 2015 - 20K - 03:15:00
20K One-Way Urban Run with Gisi from Treptow Park Home to Steglitz
Today was the first warm day of the year, the first de facto day of spring, Gisi and I donned our running gear, got out the door at 16:00, climbed into a Car2Go and drove out to the south end of Treptow park where we left the car and took off running through the forest. Treptow Park is massive, you cover a good four kilometers before you make it through from south to north, running through deep forest, along a beautiful river front, and along winding pathways, a recommendable running park. Next was a more urban run up through Görlitz Park, saw a peaceful drug deal going on, breathed in some second-hand marijuana smoke along the way, and saw lots of large volk parties along the Neukölln canal shore, not our Kiez but nice to get to know the other parts of Berlin. We asked our way through Neukölln the way to Tempelhofer Feld as we became more and more aware of an approaching rain shower. Just as we arrived at the east side of the airport-now-park, it began to sprinkle on us which began a very memorable running stretch into the wind across the very long runway into the setting sun with a warm wind and thousands of cool rain drops in our face, people on skateboards and bikes "sailing" past us holding their jacket sides out to catch the wind and propel them down the runway, very cool. Arriving at the west end of the runway 2.5 kilometers later, we turned around to view a complete double rainbow consuming the entire sky, we stood there soaking it in for a couple moments before exiting the park and heading north to get drinks at a gas station. From there it was a straight run home through the Pilotenviertel to Südkreuz, Priesterweg and home just in time for night fall. BIG25 race in one month, nice training run today.