Mon, May 9, 2022 - 21K - 02:24:08
21K After-Work Teltow-Lichterfelde Half Marathon clockwise (02:24:08)
After work saw on our DCI May/June Running Challege that we webdevs were now in third place, overtaken by Quality Management, and I was in third place for the most kilometers run, so in order to give our team some points and rectify the latter, and since the afternoon sun was shining nicely, I took off on my well-known, easy-to-follow half marathon route through Lichterfelde and Teltow, today clockwise with the canal at the end.  
Legs were not fully rested from Friday's 22K and yesterday's sub-27 5K, run I was able to run steady, with somewhat slower times than the last two half marathons on this route. I listened to an extended DJ track from one of my students, Jakob, 01:47:00 of driving beats mit Abwechslung, very nice. Afterward I put in the fitness mix from our power gymnastics class, was motivating at the end with my tired legs. The next morning weighed exactly 80 kilos, record low weight since November, very nice. 
5K = 00:30:45 
10K = 01:04:31 
15K = 01:40:21 
20K = 02:17:12 
21K = 02:24:08