Sun, Mar 16, 2014 - 15K - 01:45:00
15K Family Run with Pete and Gisi
After walking more than 3 kilometers through a cold, windy Berlin on a sight-seeing tour from Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz earlier in the day, Pete and Gisi and I had little incentive to get back out in the cold to go for a training run, but as always, the first step is to get off the warm couch, the second step is to put on your running clothes, and the third step is to get out door. After a couple minutes, Pete and I even in shorts, we found it was warm enough, and the slight drizzle was refreshing. Nice to have Pete along on our traditional run down along the canal, we went all the way to the Teltow bridge and then back home, having gotten out just in time to finish our run before it got dark. Had lots of time for good conversations and got some more running tips from Pete: e.g. "run as quietly as you can, like an Indian sneaking up to a deer in the woods, keeps your feet from pounding". Thanks, Pete, I'll be using that tip trying to sneak up on you through the streets of Rome next week!