Sun, Aug 26, 2012 - 10K - 01:08:04
10.5K Berlin Stadtlauf with Gisi
Ran the 10.5K Berlin Stadtlauf as Gisi's pace bunny today. It was a perfect day for a race, beautiful sun on a cool morning, 6000+ runners and a not-exactly-flat but fairly fast course. We were happy with our 01:08:04 time, taking a bit of a hit on our 6-minute-kilometer pace during the first two kilometer hills but ran strong the rest of the race and had a good finish on the final stretch. Our time passing the 10K marker was 01:05:30. Met lots of people we knew, like a neighborhood race, very fun. 
picked up our numbers on Saturday at SportScheck in Schlossstr. This Stadtlauf is is a very organized race with a nice shirt, can recommend it 
Sunday morning, sunshine and ready to go: 
one advantage of running events: everyone is an awesome mood 
we're off, here still fresh before the uphill: 
the second half of the first kilometer climbs from 48 meters to 59 meters: 
I was keeping our 6-minute-per-kilometer pace ahead of Gisela, but because of the hills, when I looked back at 2K to see where Gisi was, she was nowhere to be seen, all I could remember is she was wearing an orange shirt: 
on Pacelliallee, I slowed up by running on the grass until Gisi caught up with me: 
at 4K we were back on track, only about two minutes over our 6-minute-per-kilometer pace, here's a guy who also appears to be on track: 
quite a lot of appreciated tree shade 
and patches of hot sun 
saw a couple young runners probably doing their first 10K with one of their parents 
from 6K to 10K I kept increasing the pace and Gisela stayed right behind me 
At the two water stops, I got us both water and caught back up 
7K Gisi still clipping along right behind me 
8K running hard 
9K church 
second to last stretch 
last stretch to the finish 
afterwards we watched the half marathoners finishing, many of them obviously for the first time, cool to see: