Tue, Oct 31, 2017 - 38K - 05:00:00
38K Reformation Day Mega-Run
Today was Reformation Day which was a day off, so I wanted to go for a long run. Also, the date of the 2018 St. Petersburg Marathon was finally posted which unfortunately falls right in the middle of our 2018 family summer vacation, so I switched my next marathon to Nantes, France on April 22, just 200 short days away, all the more reason to get back into mega-run mode.  
I took off in crisp, cool weather past Südende and got on a street that cuts nicely through Marienfelde without much traffic (Kurfürstenstraße-Eisenacherstraße) and eventually ended up passing Schloss Britz and then the Hufeisensiedlung, a place I have wanted to visit, 1920s modern social housing built during the Weimar Republic, fascinating architecture to run through, and hard to capture in photos. 
By the time I made it into former East Berlin at Rixdorfer Straße, it was getting dark, at which point I cut up north which began a 10K straight stretch ahead all the way up through Treptow and Kreuzberg into Berlin Mitte, catching some wonderful sites of night time Berlin there. When reaching the nearly finished Prussian city palace, I cut left down Unter den Linden all the way through the Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule, where I headed south toward home.  
Upon reaching Bundesallee, my legs were experiencing their 30K melt down. The cold night was also starting to get to me but I kept trudging ahead until I got a Whatsapp message that I needed to go pick up my daughter from a Halloween party, so made a little detour, met up with her, and she accompanying me during my last kilometer on her bike, very nice end to one of my longest runs through the city. 
When I got home, I weighed 75.7 kilos, down from 82 at the beginning of the year, the lowest I've weighed in a decade. I hope with my new no-weekday-breakfast strategy, two runs a week, and a number of these mega runs, I can get down to my ideal marathon weight of 73 kilos again by Nantes in April.