Sun, Jan 1, 2012 - 23K - 02:30:00
New Year's Run with 1000 Runners
Every year on January 1st at noon, Berlin sponsors a New Year's Fun Run which is a 4K loop starting at the Brandenburg Gate, so I decided to include it in my run today, running 10K to get to the starting line and 9K back home after the race. I got out of the house at 10:50 and ran on the Berlin streets which were fully trashed from last night's New Years festivities. Got the race starting line with a couple minutes to spare, this fun run is free but donated to the childrens' charity it supports, then took off with the ca. 1000 runners for a fun 4K down and around the Berlin Cathedral and back. Afterwards took off towards Potsdamer Platz for the 9K warm down, and via the magic of cell phones, met Gisela on her bike near Innsbrucker platz, who paced me home the rest of the way, while we enjoyed some quality communication time and some very fresh, wet air. 
got to the start with 3 minutes to spare: 
Go! a very nice, slow pace, a fun 4K: 
Finishing warm tea: 
Paper running number which disintegrated by the rain on the way home: 
Now for the 9K home: 
Gisela picked me up at 20K and paced me home: