Sun, Aug 11, 2019 - 15K - 02:30:17
15K Teltow Canal Weekend Run with Gisi
I hadn't run for over two weeks and Gisi for over a month so we decided to take advantage of the nice, summer weather and go for our well-known 15K Teltow-and-back run along the Teltow canal.  
We ran quite slowly and talked most of the way, except for the section on the way back north of the canal between Teltower Damm and Wismarer Straße where you pretty much have to run single file on a small, winding path through the bushes and trees, very fun running.  
The sun was hot, but running in the shade very pleasant. It was good to experience a couple hours of fresh air and sweat again. When we arrived home, the sweat continued as I joined Hannah in another session of Sacha Huber's 20 Min. Extremes Ganzkörper HIIT Workout für Zuhause