Sun, Dec 1, 2019 - 11K - 01:20:00
Sunday Afternoon Run with 5K-Timed-IKEA-Run (23:40)
Nice running weather this Sunday, so Gisi and I took off together to IKEA, she doing the there-and-back, and I doing the there, 5K-time-run, and back. On the 5K timed run, I felt strong throughout this time, picking up speed on the Priesterweg stretch, and pushing it for a record time of 23:40, just 13 seconds away from my 23:27 time which is my 10th fastest 5K time, my fastest being 22:45, which I am now within a minute of. I wonder how much further I can bring my time down. I think it would definitely help if I could shed another 3 kilos, down to 74, but that is proving difficult, now hovering between 77 and 78.