Sun, Sep 29, 2013 - 10K - 00:50:29
Timed 10K (00:50:29): Last Training Run before Bremen Marathon
Gisi and I took off on our last training run before next week's Bremen race. We did our 10K canal down-and-back run, my goal was to run a constant 5-minute per kilometer pace which I held for 9 kilometers and finished just 29 seconds over time. Legs feel awesome, a wonderful run and an honor to be out running on the same day in the same weather that allowed Kipsang to beat the world record today in the Berlin Marathon by 15 seconds. 
The starting line, Gisi already off in the distance: 
New running socks, ready to go: 
caught Gisi at 500 meters: 
Passing Gisi on way back at high speed: 
That's it for the training season, ready for the Bremem marathon on Sunday: