Sun, Jan 18, 2015 - 49K - 06:00:00
49K Tegel Airport Loop Run
Sunday's monster run up and around Tegel Airport turned out to be the second longest run in my life, in which before it was over, I covered a distance of 49 kilometers (30 miles) in six hours of urban running joy, a personal marathon+. I had done this loop once before back in 2011 which was 43K, but this time I got side tracked along the canals trying to reach the south side of the airport thinking there was a bridge where there wasn't and ended up covering six extra kilometers. At 33K it started to get dark and my legs were hammered and I remember going into that all-familiar one-step-at-a-time mode and trekked back through cold, dark Berlin, taking street after street, U-Bahn station after U-Bahn station, until I reached home, and what wonderful feeling that was. A very memorable run. 
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