Sun, Dec 26, 2021 - 5K - 00:32:00
5K Griebnitzsee to Dreilinden -10°C Run
Hannah and I had plans to do a 20K run for December and so picked our Griebnitzsee-to-Steglitz 20K route that we ended in April at 5K in Dreilinden because Hannah wasn't feeling well. It turned out that today was -10°C out and so the coldest run we have ever done. We got going alright but it was freezing cold. Only around 3K did my hands (in gloves) start getting warm. By 4K I had finally achieved a warm running state and then tried to drink some water out of my water pack hose to realize that it was frozen shut. At this point we were arriving in Dreilinden and my phone which had 100% battery at the start, was at 25% and falling. I plugged in the power bank and watched it fall 3% per minute down to 10% then started climbing back up. But Hannah and I held a short meeting in Dreilinden and decided that -10°C was too extreme to risk a dead phone and no water for a 20K run, so found the bus station and took a bus back to Wannsee and back home. It was a new experience running in such low temperatures and we look forward to longer runs in 2022 as we prepare for our 2022 marathon, hopefully Berlin, we'll see if Hannah gets picked by the end of January.