Sun, Jun 17, 2018 - 11K - 01:15:00
11K to IKEA and Back with Timed 5K (25:02)
The England-Panama game was starting at 14:00 but I wanted to get a run in today and thought I would run during the first half then watch the second half. It turned out that England scored four goals in the time it took me to run a 5K. I'm in a betting ring at work and to win these things, I know you have to pick the right underdog wins (I was the only one to pick Croatia over Argentina) and I so had picked Panama on the rationale that if Panama could shut down Kane, they could win the game. At the starting line of my 5K, I checked the score and saw England was winning 1-0, and I thought that perhaps during my run, Panama might score a goal and tied up at game 1-1. But alas, after finishing my 5K, I checked the score again and it was 5-0. The weather was nice, a bit rainy and cool but nice for a run, I almost got under 25:00 so at least not getting any slower.