Sun, Sep 16, 2012 - 30K - 03:30:00
30K Cafe-Reconnaissance Run with Family Run/Bike Finish
Had to take my daugther to a birthday party so started my run from there, it was a beautiful, cool and blue-sky day, and my mission was to check out three meeting places for my ELLABB Meetup Place page: the Cafe Kleisther in Schöneberg, and Kurhaus Ponte Rosa in Kreuzberg, and Cancun at Potsdamer Platz. Completed this and was at Potsdamer Platz at about 1.5 hours, so ran back from there with a near setting sun which lit of all the colors in the city. Arriving home at 22K, I downed a half-liter of cool, tall orange juice schorle and went back out for another 8K run with Gisi while Karla bicycled on ahead on the pace-bike, very nice. 
"Wie die Saat, so die Ernte" (You reap what you sow) 
Goal #1 reached: Cafe Kleisther 
Goal #2 reached: Kurhaus Ponte Rosa: 
leaving the Ponte Rosa, I'll be back: 
serendipitous discovery of the Tempodrom: 
urban soccer: 
Goal #3 reached: Calcun restaurant, Potsdamer Platz: 
blue bear on Lennestr.: 
Indian embassy on Tiergartenstr.: 
Hotel Berlin, Schillstr. / Lützowplatz: 
Kleistr. Christo? 
Lietzenburgerstr., gay part of town: 
22K done, back home to pick up the girls: 
half liter of orange juice schorle: 
following the pace bike for another 8K: 
beautiful day, beautiful run + family time: