Sun, Feb 28, 2021 - 12K - 01:10:00
12K Schöneberg Run with Gisi including IKEA 5K sprint (25:45)
This was a repeat run of January 23rd for Gisi and me. We ran to Priesterweg, split up left and right, she ran up Priesterweg, past Südkreuz, then up to the Alfred-Lion-Steg bridge and back down to IKEA, while I ran to IKEA then did my 5K spring loop.  
Just as last time, just as I was finishing, Gisi was arriving. I had within three seconds of last run, 25:45, very slow, so need to bump this up, but good to get a speed reality check. I want to get into marathon condition by May in case a marathon opens up so I can sign up and run, yeah!