Sat, Mar 13, 2021 - 30K - 03:46:00
30K Scouting Run along Berlin Wall
After February's 26K, Hannah and I are looking for longer runs for our 2022 marathon training. And if you are looking for unimpeded running in Berlin, the former Berlin wall is the place to look.  
With Google Earth I mapped out a route from Adlershof through Rudow and Großziethen, then onto the Berlin wall all the way to Lichterfelde with the bonus of running along the Japanese cherry blossom trees at the end. In all, it's a 30K route through Berlin where I literally had to stop only once at a stop light, wide open running.  
I took a Car2Go to Adlerhof early in the morning in time to see the sun rise over the Teltow Canal right before it spills into the Spree. It was chilly weather but by 5K in Rudow my hands were warm, and it was a fun, long run home.