Sun, May 14, 2017 - 11K - 01:20:00
Tiergarten 5K (00:24:58) with 4K warm-up and 2K warm-down
Took my daughter to a street ball competition in Hellersdorf this morning in a DriveNow car, so after dropping her off, drove it towards Berlin Mitte until I got back into the Home Zone, parked, hopped out, and, already having donned my running clothes, took off toward the Brandenburg Gate to do my 5K loop around the Tiergarten. On the way, I crossed the last of the runners doing the BIG 25K race today, memories of a fun race that Gisi and I did in 2015. Running my speed 5K, I didn't feel exceptionally strong, but was able to get under 25 minutes. Having completed my speed work, I ran an easy two-kilometer warm-down, then had to get home so hopped in the 187 bus at Hauptstraße. Potsdam Half Marathon in four weeks.