Sat, Oct 3, 2015 - 32K - 04:00:00
32K Kreuzberg/Zehlendorf/Steglitz Run, 15K with Gisi
Gisi and I made it out the door early afternoon today into beautiful and warm late-summer weather, found a Car2Go and drove 15 kilometers into deep Kreuzberg, got out, and started running home through that colorful and multiculti part of town. A highlight was making our way to the east side of Tempelhofer Feld and then running the 2 kilometers straight down the former runway of Tempelhof Airport, after which we made our way through the picturesque Fliegerviertel to the east of former airport down to Südkreuz, Preisterweg and on home, where Gisi finished with a 15K and I kept running down the canal and then out to Teltower Damm up through Zehlendorfer S-Bahn, and then back home, with a total of 32K, legs now quite beat, but for us another combined weekend marathon (47K) not bad, and with 35 days to Athens, good to get my third consecutive 30K+ weekend run in.