Thu, May 31, 2018 - 15K - 01:30:00
15K After-Work Run with Timed 5K (25:10)
Got out the door of work in Prenzlauerberg around 17:15 into sunny and quite warm running conditions, so found a slow, winding path of streets and parks (Volkspark Friedrichshain and Leisepark) reaching my Tiergarten starting line after about 9K. I felt strong for the first half of the 5K, was at my turn-around point at 17:20, but after that couldn't ignore the heat and slugged it in from there, not continuing my streak of sub-25 runs but not a bad time for the circumstances. I did a 1K warm-down run to the gas station on Martin Luther Straße, chugged a liter of refreshingly cold multi-vitamin juice, and found a Car2Go parked in front of the "Romeo and Romeo" cafe with its tables full of gay men sipping espressos and chatting up an animated atmosphere, then got in my Car2Go Smart Car and drove home through the city with the windows down listening to Jazz as the sun set.