Sun, May 25, 2014 - 5.5K - 00:26:24
5.5 Kilometer Berlin Firmenlauf
Cold wind, blowing rain, bad visibility and puddles were the factors for the 2014 Berlin Firmenlauf. Four of us from our company ran and two took pictures as everyone braved the elements. The race actually went quite fast, but at about 4K you could already see the Siegessäule which was a psychological killer because you had the the feeling you were almost done but actually still had two very long stretches in front of you. I finished the 5.5 kilometer race with a 26:24 which kept me quite a bit under a 5 minute kilometer, about a 24 minute 5K, which is alright. We were all soaked at the end, and I definitely look forward to better running conditions for my next run.