Sun, Apr 15, 2018 - 10K - 01:08:23
10K Airport Night Run with Hannah
As part of Hannah's plan to run one 10K race per month, we signed up for the Airport Run this month, a race we had run together back in 2014, but this year it was quite a bit larger, apparently 6,000 runners, and we didn't run outside the airport but started within the airport buildings themselves, ran out onto the runways, and then finished again in the airport buildings. We kept a solid 7-minute pace per kilometer throughout the race and Hannah finished with her classic power sprint that I could barely keep up with, coming in at 01:08:23. 
Hannah and I agreed that summertime night runs are cool, since during the course of an hour, you experience the day slowly merge into night which makes the race go by quickly and running at night has a certain thrill to it. We have 10K races planned for May and June, so July will probably be the Berlin City Night 10K Run on July 28th.