Thu, Aug 4, 2016 - 9K - 01:30:00
Heidelberg Castle Run
Got out the door of the hotel about 6:10 AM to a beautiful Heidelberg morning. I hadn't run in 3 weeks because of a sharp hamstring injury I experienced and so this was my first recovery run. I took it extremely easy and simply enjoyed the sights of this picturesque town. I first ran through a part of town that had huge turn-of-the-century houses, then hit the hill and had a steep climb to the paths that wound around up on the hills, affording a wonderful view of the sun coming up over Heidelberg every kilometer or so. I finally approached the castle from the back and sent quite some time running around it, enjoying the views, thinking of its unique history, its existence as romantic ruins, and of the authors who have been there and described it throughout the ages, e.g. Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, and Goethe. The rest of the run was down into town and then through a quite sleepy town that was just beginning to wake up. A very memorable run.