Mon, May 4, 2020 - 7K - 00:47:23
15th Morning Training Run with Hannah, Fifth 7K (47:23)
Hannah and I hadn't done a morning training run in almost a month so the agreement was: get up a 5:30 and do our 7K, which is what we did. There's not to much to communicate when you get up so early: just meet at the door, walk out to the street, put headphones in ears, and start running.  
It was decidedly light out, unlike so many of our runs throughout the winter in the pitch dark.  
Hannah beat her last two times with a 6:46 pace, so she's getting faster again. Our BIG 25K race on May 3rd was canceled for Covid-19 reasons, of course, and so we need to create our third solo-race this month, which will probably be a 10K at Tempelhoferfeld in some capacity. If nothing else, it'll be a flat course--it being a former airport--and so it will be a chance to see Hannah's current 10K best-effort pace.