Sun, Apr 3, 2016 - 21K - 02:31:38
2016 Berlin Half Marathon
We got out the door about 8:00 AM to meet some friends at the S-Bahn and ride with them to the start. Traveling to these mega running events is always fun as you see more and more runners gather as you approach the start. We made it to Alexanderplatz, then took the U5 two more stations and got out at Strausberger Platz, which I can recommend as a crowd-avoidance strategy if you are running the Berlin Half Marathon: you come out right at the trucks and then just walk into the back of the starting area. It was cool to happenchance upon my friend Matthias in the starting area who said he was going to run a 01:45:00 and then drilled a 01:43:59, very nice. Gisi and I ran at a much more leisurely but constant pace and ran through the finish line with a 02:31:38, right on par with our other half marathon times so far: 2013 Berlin Half Marathon 02:24:53, 2014 Berlin Half Marathon 02:25:05, 2015 BIG 25K 02:57:52 (half: 02:26:41), and 2015 Müggelsee Half Marathon 02:32:24. The weather was cool and sunny, nothing hurt throughout the whole race, the fans were energetic and fun, in all it was a very enjoyable race.