Sun, Jan 16, 2022 - 29K - 03:10:00
5K Spandau Winterlauf (26:07) and 24K warm-down
I had run this race two times before, once in 2019 clocking my fastest 5K in the last 10 years at 23:19, and in 2020 with Hannah where she ran her fastest 5K ever at 27:36. This year I'm coming off a minor surgery in November and not running for over 30 days so a bit slower, but almost got down into 25 with a 26:07. My 15 seconds of fame was as I sprinted into the finish I passed the front 10K runner who still had one lap to go. It was freezing out, from -1 to 4 degrees during my 24K run home after the race, and so I was glad to meet a Polish woman, Katarzyna Wlodyka, in the bus on the way to the race, we talked the whole time up to the start of the race, a really nice woman who is fired up to run, I saw she apparently got first in her age division. I got second in my age division, much of which is just getting out to this freezing cold race and running it. 
After the race, I immediately took off on my 24K home to Steglitz, a quite cold run, frozen fingers much of the way, have to keep energized running to keep warm, but good to run long runs in the winter to be better fit when spring comes around.