Mon, Aug 31, 2020 - 5K - 00:25:00
Two 12-Minute Sprints with Hannah (05:16/km pace)
For some performance test in her fitness class at school, Hannah's class will have to run as far as they can in 12 minutes, 2.4 kilometers being the cut-off point for the best grade ("1") which is, of course, Hannah's goal.  
Two weeks ago on the way back from IKEA, we did 2.23 kilometers in 12 minutes, and today's run started at Birkbuschstr. on a 2.4 kilometer route which ends almost at the Bratpfanne on Königsberger Straße.  
At twelve minutes we were in view of the Bratpfanne at an official 2.28 kilometers, a little closer to the goal, and a fast 05:16 pace. We ran back at a little slower speed, and then back home for a total of 5K, nice weather for a canal run.