Sat, Mar 16, 2013 - 28K - 03:00:00
28K Dual Run with Timed 5K (24:43)
The weather for this run was extremely sunny and extremely cold, so cold that the sun wasn't really melting any of the snow or ice. Gisi and I would tend to run along the north side of the streets to get more sun and run along the warm buildings walls. There were also quite a number of patches of ice that were very slippery and wet (especially on Priesterweg). I did a 4K warm-up then a 5K timed run on my IKEA loop (24:43), then met Gisi out by Möbel Kraft afterward and from there we did 19K together, so I ended up doing 28K and Gisi did 22K. So lots of nice cool air today but I hope that was our last cold run for the winter: three weeks till the Berlin Half Marathon. 
Me green, Gisi pink, both yellow: 
5K timed-run starting line: let's get to work: 
5K finished: 24:43, 12 seconds faster than last week: 
Matching drinks for the Mr. and the Mrs.: