Fri, May 24, 2019 - 11K - 01:30:00
After-Work Duathlon: 9K with 5K-Timed-IKEA-Run (23:57) and 1K Swim
With nine days till the Potsdam Half Marathon, I wanted to get another timed-5K in and decided to combine it with my Friday 1K swim, and so made an after-work duathlon out of it. I took the S-Bahn to Tempelhof, ran a kilometer to my IKEA start line and then ran my timed-5K in pretty much ideal weather conditions, getting under 24 minutes again.  
I've run the Potsdam Half Marathon before, back in June 2016, but got a slow 02:23:58. Reading my 2016 Potsdam Half Marathon race report, I remembered why:  
"There was also quite a bit of a hill from 15K to 16K up to Sanssouci palace. The heat, the sun, and the less-than-flat course shattered my fantasies of getting a sub-two-hour time for this half marathon."  
I also looked at my timed-5K times around that time in June 2016 and they were 25:39, 25:10, and 25:11, i.e. a solid minute slower than I run 5Ks now.  
So I'll be bringing a little faster speed to the Potsdam Half Marathon this year, which I hope allows me to stay up with Thorsten at least to the 15K-16K Sanssouci hill, and then try to finish under two hours. I'm looking forward to it.