Sat, May 31, 2014 - 5K - 00:31:25
5K Training Run with Hannah and Friend
In their regional school duathlon two weeks ago, Hannah and her friend finished first and second place out of 12 girls from their school, and with the Bundesjugendspiele coming up in two weeks (track and field competitions), they wanted to get some extra training in. So Hannah said, "I'll ask my Dad if he'll run a 5K with us on Saturday" to which I replied "Yes!" So her friend came over at 10:00 AM and we took off running along the canal on a beautiful Berlin morning. We kept a steady pace the whole way, and with about one kilometer to go, her friend began to break away from Hannah, so I sped up to challenge her a bit. While we were running together, she told me, "The problem I have with running is that if I go too slow, I get cramps" to which I replied, "You know, that's a really good problem to have," and with that we sprinted in the last 500 meters together to finish with a 31:25 and then cheered on Hannah who ran in right behind us. That was a very fun run together with them, and hopefully will be the first of many! 
Here Hannah showing the stone she ran on during the last kilometer, ouch!