Sun, Jan 13, 2013 - 19K - 02:45:00
19K Adventure Run to Berlin's only "Library Tree"
Our friend Michele in San Francisco told us about a "Library Tree" in Berlin where you can check out books from a tree: the perfect goal for an adventure run! So Gisi and I took off on our run today in a quest to find it. It is on the other side of the city in Prenzlauer Berg so we first took the S-Bahn out to Humboldthain and started our run there. At about 3K we got to the "tree" which is actually not a tree but a kind of sculptured work made up of four large logs standing straight up. The interesting part about this "tree sculpture" is that it has little cubicles in it that you can open to peruse, borrow, or donate books. One of the books was a "1991 Beginner's Guide to PCs" and another was called "Devilish Sexual Positions Throughout World History" so we're not talking bestseller books here, but it seems to be an awareness project to get people to donate to countries in need of books. Since it was quite cold, we put the books back in their cubicles and ran off towards Berlin Mitte, down to the old Tempelhof Airport and back home via the IKEA route. This was Gisi's longest run ever, and a very good training run for the Berlin Half Marathon coming up now in less than three months. Thanks again, Michele, for the fun tip! 
a nice tour through Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, and Steglitz 
S-Bahn ride to the Humboldthain starting line: 
a Christmas tree in a tree: 
"please take": 
arriving at the "library tree": 
checking out the books: 
"PCs for Beginners" printed in 1991: 
"The Most Devilish Positions Throughout World History": 
A high school politics textbook from the 80s: 
couldn't find any books we wanted to read, so put the books back and took off on our run: 
passed a Kindergarten that calls themselves the "big city Indians": 
running down Bergmannstr. 
stopped into a gas station to get us some 12K refreshments: 
the last hill before home: