Sat, Jul 26, 2014 - 5K - 00:30:26
5K Berlin City Night Run with Hannah
Hannah and I ran the Berlin City Night 5K run this year finishing with a 30:26, not bad for a very hot and humid evening. Since the race started at 20:00 in Northern Europe in July, it was more like a sun-low-in-the-sky, late-afternoon run than a night run, although I think the 10K runners who started after us got more of a night-run-feeling. The race was straight down Kudamm and back so very predictable and went very fast. In any case, nice exercise. 
pre-race concert, "Diamonds", beautiful voice: 
start selfie: 
Hannah found her tribe: pink Frauenlauf t-shirts and black running pants: 
First runner coming back: 
Final 1K sprint to the finish: 
We tried to catch this little guy but he was too fast for us, beat us by 5 seconds: 
The 10K-lers caged and ready to run: 
Victory chocolate: