Sat, Sep 10, 2016 - 30K - 04:00:00
30K Steglitz-to-Mitte Loop
Slowly working back up to marathon-length runs after my hamstring pull at the beginning of the summer: two weeks ago did 10K, last week 20K, and today 30K. I felt a little flare up around 7K and so backed off, ran easy, and it went away. To run 30K without feeling any sharp pain was a good sign that I'll be able to complete the Warsaw Marathon in two weeks. I don't expect to set any records and will run on it very easily, but it seems to have healed to the point that long, slow runs don't bother it. This was my peak run, will do a 10 or 15K next week, and then go for the full 42K on September 25th. The weather today was beautiful, and I saw many runners who were obviously getting in their last training runs for the upcoming Berlin Marathon which will be on the same day and start at the same time as the Warsaw Marathon. Good luck to all you guys, including Matthias: may your time be under four hours.