Sun, Apr 6, 2014 - 10K - 01:10:00
10K Training Run with Hannah
I asked Hannah how far she wanted to go for our training run today for Saturday's 10K Airport Run and she said "10K" so we did the full length. We got out the door at 1:00 PM with a very warm spring sun still shining. We did the 10K canal loop down to the Teltow playground and back passing lots of people out taking walks. Hannah ran very steady, no problems whatsoever and reported after the run that her legs "weren't sore at all", a very good sign! Our good-night talk tonight involved mentally going through each kilometer of our upcoming race on Saturday and the time we need to have at each kilometer: 1K = 6:00, 2K = 12:00, 3K = 18:00, etc. When we got to the end, I said, "and 10K will be exactly 60 minutes", and Hannah said, "but we still have 26 seconds left over", and I said, "but we want to get a 59:59", and she said, "what? all I want to do is beat Mommy's time of 01:00:27". So, in any case, whatever time we run on Saturday, it is most likely going to be somewhere around 60 minutes, we're excited!