Sun, Oct 6, 2013 - 42K - 04:28:33
Bremen Marathon 2013
ONE FAMILY, ONE GOAL, ACCOMPLISHED! 72K IN ONE DAY: We successfully completed our Bremen running weekend in which Gisi and the girls each ran the 10K and I ran the marathon for a family total of 72 kilometers (44 miles) in on day. Nine-year-old Hannah turned in a more-than-stellar performance by completing her first 10K in 01:01:14 (the girl loves to run!), and Gisi and Karla ran the 10K together, Karla finishing her first 10K in 01:12:51, Hannah and Karla placing 3rd and 5th in the girls-under-14 age division. This was my 20th marathon, my goal being a 04:30:00 and I pretty much nailed it with a 04:28:33, keeping a 6-minute-per-kilometer pace past 30K. The weather was perfect: overcast, no rain, and not too cold. There were only 1600 runners in the 10K and 900 in the marathon, so a relatively small race, but well organized. One highlight of the marathon was running through Weser Stadium at 38K where the announcer called out each person's name which echoed through the stadium and gave you that much needed encouragement for the last 4K of the race. My personal highlight of the marathon, however, was with 100 meters to go, Hannah ran out to me, grabbed my hand, and ran with me into the finish line together. That's a memory I'll never forget. 
checking out Bremen: 
a beautiful weather weekend: 
matching family watches: 
ready to race: 
one family, one goal: 42K + 10K + 10K + 10K: 
start and finish: 
large and small running the 10K: 
girls ready to go: 
10K starting crowd: 
girls off, ready for marathon #20: 
talked with this man who said this was his 264th marathon: 
typical positive marathon crowd: 
Bremen locals cheering with gangnam style cranked up, yeah! 
lots of hand slapping with kids: 
37K, tough running: 
into Weser Stadium: 
last picture at 39K, then buckled in for three more long kilometers back to the city: 
victory pack: 
See you Bremen, it was fun running through your streets!