Sat, Nov 9, 2019 - 15K - 02:00:00
15K Run with Timed IKEA 5K (24:32) Then Caught Up to Gisi on Her 15K Run
For our joint run this weekend, I ran off on Saturday afternoon for my 5K run at IKEA and while at the starting line, Gisi took off on her 15K run to Teltow. I felt fast again on my 5K but couldn't get my time any lower toward the 23s, ending up with a 24:32. I'm I need to lose weight, get from 79 kilos down to 75, we'll see how that goes this month. In any case, the goal after I finished was to run toward Teltow and find Gisi, which, since we had set her Whatsapp to stream her live-location, was quite easy to do, a very useful technology. I ran with a good pace down the canal, a good workout, then saw on live-trakcing that Gisi was coming back up the canal, so bought a drink at the Königsberger Str. gas station and met her with a huge Multi Vitamin bottle in hand, and we ran the last 5K back home together.