Sun, Aug 28, 2022 - 28K - 03:00:00
28K Run including 10K with Hannah in Henningsdorf Race
Ran 18K starting in Siemensstadt out to the 10K race at Hennigsdorf, met Hannah arriving on the S-Bahn about 20 minutes before begin, perfect timing, race was four laps around the city, not the most interesting route we've run in our years of running races together, but it was fun to try to stay up with Hannah as long as I could with 18K already in my legs. I lost her right after the second lap and kept in my sights pretty much until the end. She finished the 10.8K at 1:07:55 and I came in around 1:11 something. In all, it was a fun run together and a nice 28K as the third training run for my marathon build-up until the end of October.