Tue, Jul 10, 2012 - 11K - 00:00:00
11K Kirchberg Austria Run
Got out the door at 5:20 when it was surprisingly light out. It was sprinkling lightly at the beginning of the run but after I got used to the cold drops it was very refreshing. Ran up the road to Aschau and turned up onto a mountain road at Rattenbach which immediately increased the elevation of the run. I ran up a very nice asphalt road in idyllic mountainous surroundings until I got to a majestic view of Mount Ratten... reaching up into the rays of the morning sun. Having learned to fear and respect the suddeness of Austrian weather after the fierce hail storm on Monday, I decided to turn around there and go back since I was an hour away from the hotel and the weather can change drastically here in 45 minutes. When I returned the sun was starting to appear on the hills around the town, very fresh air, a memorable run. 
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