Wed, May 16, 2018 - 24K - 03:00:00
24K Run Home from Work with Tiergarten 5K Timed Run (25:19)
Got out the door at 17:15 today, and realizing that I had forgotten my head rag and didn't want to endure sweat in my eyes for the next few hours, ran down to the Runners Point in the Ring-Center mall at Frankfurter Allee, got a nice blue one, and took off down Frankfurter Allee towards Berlin Mitte.  
After a 9K warm up run to Brandenburg Gate, I took off on my 5K speed loop and finished with a 25:19, another 5K run over 25 minutes, ugh. Then continued on toward the zoo and down to Bundesplatz and home.  
No races coming soon up to train for, but want to do weekend and after-work runs for awhile to get my weight down again for the summer: had a 78-kilo weigh-in tonight after my run tonight, and less weight means faster 5K times.